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The newspaper of Shandong Iraeta


The newspaper of Shandong Iraeta


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our values

"To offer the best solution for every customer's need by offering high value forging solutions, aligning the company with the market."

Forjas de Iraeta desde 1961

  • Worldwide Service

    Following our values in short time we will have six facilities around the world and these factories will customized for each demand of the local area but in the same time synchronize with the OEMS vision and need.

    If there will be any news need in our sector we guarantee our maximum effort for give the right answer for our costumer.

  • Strong Technical Support

    Our strategy is cover all the technology and this target push us to use and have deep knowledge in all the BAT (Best Available Technology) for the production of rings.

    We work very hard for be available to make very big rings (OFF-SHORE, NUCLEAR, ...) and now our rings could be up 8 meters and 50 Tn.